Bridging World
Altair Partners, LP is an innovative leader in international trade, marketing and supply management. Established in 2003 as an importer of industrial chemicals, Altair Partners quickly expanded and diversified to become a respected brand in a vast array of industries including agricultural, coatings and automotive. This team of professionals, with more than 70 years of combined experience, applies a proactive approach to globalization, in order to provide products and services from around the world at the most competitive prices available.

Our program of globalization bridges world markets and brings a diverse spectrum of qualified, international manufacturers to the domestic market place. By diversifying globally, we ensure our customers a stable, uninterrupted flow of goods in the most economically-efficient way possible.

Our supply chain management team coordinates product deliveries to customers in a comprehensive, cost-effective manner. Environmental and compliance issues are managed under the watchful eye of Altair professionals in line with government agencies and industry support groups.

Our network of international partners provides us with a broad perspective of global market trends and conditions. Using this information, Altair can anticipate and formulate unique buying opportunities, to the advantage of our customers.

Our ultimate objective is to develop long-term partnerships, provide quality products, and exceed customer expectations all in a cost-effective manner.